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Cat no. ST004
Track Listings
1. Sunday Service
2. Mernom
3. Dourado
4. Octafish

Old Apparatus trilogy of solo EPs, starting with Realise and Alfur , now completes with the Harem EP by the OA collective member known only as Harem. This final EP is probably the most haunted of the records they ve done, with an uncanny atmosphere running throughout, albeit one tinted with qualities of depth and beauty, like coming across ancient art in a dark cave. The EP starts with Sunday Service , featuring Paperdoll House. Starting with a synth melody that reminds the listener of John Carpenter, with her vocals sing a blurred song, the track breaks down into woody noise and static rainfall, then erupts into a beautiful passage of deep ethereal beatless suspense, with Paperdoll House s layered voicings, and each part echoed and billowing over airy chords. Mernom starts haunted, with detuned chords and a mechanical loop, with huge Vangelis-like chords building into an atmosphere before the whole thing drops into a suspended chord and a male voice singing, while the lyrics are smudged just beyond comprehension, finishing on a looped rhythm that sounds like dragging chains. Dourado steps things up, making good on promises that dubstep never kept, with tabla rhythms banging out patterns that are dubbed to transporting effect; the track has a dark intoxicating occult sound that conjours images of dangerous ceremonies and demonic summonings. The EP finishes with the Octafish , which is heavy with the pressure and slowed down feel of a dangerous dive, flecked with detail and colour, as Harem creates a mysterious space.