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Loyalty Program is active again! In time for RSD 2024
Loyalty Program is active again! In time for RSD 2024

OLAFUR ARNALDS They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness LP Vinyl NEW 2010

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Cat no. ERAT22.1

1. Ert S Lin
2. Ert J R in
3. Tungli
4. Lofti Ver Ur Skyndilega Kalt
5. Kjurrt
6. Gleypa Okkur
7. H GT, Kemur LJ Si
8. Undan Hulu
9. Au Hafa Sloppi Undan Unga Myrkursins

Limited edition import vinyl LP. Includes MP3 download code and a poster. First and second pressings are each limited to 1,000 copies. Not many people make the leap from heavy metal drummer to leading neo-classical composer, but Iceland's Olafur Arnalds isn't just anyone. His 2010 album "... And They Have Escaped the Weight of Darkness" is a critically acclaimed hit composition inspired by the Bela Tarr film "The Werckmeister Harmonies." Harmony and melody play a big role in this composition that leans more heavily on acoustic instrumentation accentuated here and there by electronic instruments. This limited edition pressing comes with an MP3 download code and poster