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OLA KVERNBERG Steamdome LP Vinyl NEW 2018

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. GRLP4569


LP 1

And Now

Black Lemon
Go Up
Above The Dance

LP 2

Through The Mantle

And Now

Three years after releasing the masterpiece The Mechanical Fair, Ola Kvernberg returns with a new magnificent, imaginative, rhythmic deluge of an album: Steamdome.

Fiddle ace Ola Kvernberg has held a prominent place in the Norwegian music community since his early teens. His family is full of folk musicians, but Ola has carved his own distinctive path. So far, he has composed the music for seven films, has been remixed by Todd Terje, and has collaborated with saxophonist Joshua Redman, crime writer Jo Nesbo, Stian Carstensen, Mathias Eick, Motorpsycho, Pat Metheny and Jimmy Carl Black from the Mothers of Invention – to name just a few.

"Steamdome is both more limitless and more brazen than my previous projects. The time was ripe to wield the broadest paintbrush and stir up the biggest emotions with this band," says Ola. "Maybe a lot of what I have done before appealed to a dedicated audience of listeners, but Steamdome is to a much greater degree a physical experience."

Steamdome changes track, and barrels along into a landscape where rhythmical patterns, beat and groove are the dominant elements. The Mechanical Fair was described as belonging to a "mutton western" genre, and this description is, if anything, even more appropriate now. With three of the country's most innovative drummers on board, the bows, strings and resin have been replaced by sticks, metal and a variety of drums. Steamdome is seething with visual energy. The music winds its way through steep cliffs, far-ranging vistas, sharp curves, sheer drops and nocturnal landscapes where the only anchoring point is the suggestive rhythm of a train that never stops.