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Cat no. TCRW3153.1
Track Listings
1. Malum
2. Lo
3. Sputnik
4. Poison!
5. Lay Down
6. Easy Talk (Open Your Mouth)
7. Machine Part I
8. Machines Part II
9. Bear
10. Cleanse Me
11. Last Breath

Carrying the weight of the luminance and spacy textures from their 2009 EP, The Death of Day, Atlanta, Ga foursome O'Brother have grown into sounds of scorching heaviness and punctuated melodic interruptions that act as puzzles in-between the groaning feedback of Garden Window, the band's debut full length. With Garden Window displaying more density, the songs themselves bask in longer time frames and dynamic intensity the whole way out. Close friends Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra stepped in as producers for Garden Window.