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No Hope in New Jersey are a four-piece rock band formed in Manchester in 2003. A string of great live performances got them picked up by Atlantic Records after only six gigs, and in 2004 the band released two singles, a limited 7" "Narcolepsy" and download-only "Invaders (Of My Space)", earning them MTV2 rotation and an ever-increasing fan base. Theirs is a direct sound that bears little resemblance to much of the city's output of the last few years. No echoes of Manchester here. No Oasis stadium bluster. Their songs contain big riffs and sly melodies but a deceptive sense of craft. "Our aim is to make music that fuses together all of our favourite bands and capture the initial excitement that we got when we heard artists like Fugazi, Neil Young, Metallica, Bowie, for the first time", explains Andy. "If we have any influences whatsoever, it's wanting to be like those bands that follow their own journey as musicians. Bands that don't need to be part of a particular scene to be what they are. That's what we like".Continuous gigging around the country has secured NHINJ an enthusiastic live following, and with the album in the bag and the band's enthusiasm at an all-time high 2005 should be a great year for No Hope in New Jersey. Rather than seeing the album as an end it's really just the beginning as NHINJ's live campaign continues apace. "We're not the most overtly macho band in the world like, say, Black Flag back in the day", says Andy, "but we play with the same abandon and disregard for current convention. And to my mind that's what you really want with a live band. Not this streamlined stuff that passes for punk rock".