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NICOLE ATKINS Goodnight Rhonda Lee LP Vinyl NEW

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A Little CrazyDarkness Falls So QuietListen UpGoodnight Rhonda LeeIf I CouldColorsBrokedown LuckI Love Living Here (Even When I Don't)SleepwalkingA Night of Serious DrinkingA Dream Without Pain

To borrow a phrase from heaven's new poet laureate, Leonard Cohen, Nicole Atkins was "born with the gift of a golden voice." But somewhere along the way she misplaced it. Goodnight Rhonda Lee is the story of Nicole finding her voice, and how, in doing so, she went a little crazy. Her new husband loved her and doted on her, but she felt nothing. She traced it back to her drinking and decided to try to learn to live without booze. But that first day of sobriety brought with it an unexpected additional test - Nicole's Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. This Jersey girl, whose big voice was tethered to a big heart suddenly faced a real problem. "It toughened me up," she says. And the songs started to come.As Nicole explains it, "This record came to me at a time of deep transition. Some days were good, some not so good. What I did gain, though, from starting to make some changes and going inward, and putting it out on the table, was a joy in what I do again. Joy in the process and a newfound confidence that I don’t think I've ever had until now. The album title, Goodnight Rhonda Lee, also came from those feelings. Rhonda Lee was kind of my alias for bad behavior, and it was time to put that persona to bed."