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Nicolas Bouga - Eff The Upward Spiral Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. STUMM451
Track Listing

1. Embrace Hope All Ye Who Enter Here
2. Thalassophobia
3. The Upward Spiral
4. Inexadorable
5. Nexus
6. Flying High
7. Positive Altitude
8. Inward Megalith
9. Listen Carefully to the Heart Beat

On 'The Upward Spiral', Bougaïeff reframes familiar tropes for his own mind-expanding vision of body music. Punishing industrial techno charges the album at surface level with beautiful-meets-bleak energy. But peel back the layers of brash ferocity, and there's a hell of a lot more going on than first meets the ear. The culmination of years of hard work, Bougaïeff grew the album from the seeds of a bespoke composition technique; a carefully thought-out studio experiment in how to bend a love of techno into innovative new shapes.