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Nap Eyes - Whine of the Mystic Vinyl LP 2014

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. POFB22895.1
Track Listing:

1. Dark Creedence
2. Make Something
3. Tribal Thoughts
4. Delirium and Persecution Paranoia
5. No Man Needs to Care
6. Dreaming Solo
7. Night of the First Show
8. Oh My Friends
9. No Fear of Hellfire
Nova Scotia's Nap Eyes is the greatest band you've never heard, and Whine of the Mystic is their first full-length album, a brilliant small-batch brew of crooked, literate guitar pop refracted through the gray Halifax rain. Recorded live to tape with no overdubs, it's equal parts shambling and sophisticated, with one eye on the dirt and one trained on the starry firmament, inhabiting a skewed world where odes to NASA and the Earth's magnetic field coexist easily with songs about insomnia and drinking too much. Nap Eyes' keen sonic signature cruises briskly and beautifully along the dog-eared axes of jangle-jaded Oceanic pop music (The Clean, The Verlaines, The Go-Betweens), and through the backpages of Peter Perrett (The Only Ones, England's Glory), via all things Lou Reed and Modern Lovers, without ever sounding very much like anything else happening today.