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Nap Eyes - Snapshot of a Beginner Vinyl LP Coke Bottle Clear Colour & Art Print LRS 2020

Cat no. JAG361xbnd01

Love Record Stores Edition

Coke Bottle Clear Colour Vinyl & Art Print Limited Edition Pressing

Track Listing:

1. So Tired
2. Primordial Soup
3. Even Though I Can’t Read Your Mind
4. Mark Zuckerberg
5. Mystery Calling
6. Fool Thinking Ways
7. If You Were In Prison
8. Real Thoughts
9. Dark Link
10. When I Struck Out On My Own
11. Though I Wish I Could

This one's for the procrastinators and the slow learners. This one's for the bungled and the botched, for the fumbled and humbled. This one's for the late bloomers, and ultimately, nap eyes latest full length snapshot of a beginner is proof that sometimes, the late bloomers bloom brightest. Eight years and four albums into it, the artistic Arc of nap eyes finds itself tracing a line alongside frontman Nigel Chapman's daily Tai Chi practice. Those first years and albums are the Cold mornings in the Park: The measured movements, the Joint aches, the self-doubt. With each new release, an incremental and invigorating step forward. And with the end of each album and tour, a return to the beginner's practice. And now, snapshot of a beginner, nap eyes's boldest, most concentrated and most hi-fi album to date, a study of that repeated return and all that it can Teach you. Almost.