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NAILS You Will Never Be One Of Us LP Vinyl NEW

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. NE3383-1


• You Will Never Be One of Us
• Friend to All
• Made to Make You Fall
• Life Is a Death Sentence
• Violence Is Forever
• Savage Intolerance
• In Pain
• Parasite
• Into Quietus
• They Come Crawling Back

You Will Never Be One Of Us says it all, really. The album title for Nails' third full-length (and first for Nuclear Blast) is directly pointed at bandwagoners and sycophants, two types of people frontman Todd Jones has very little patience for.

You Will Never Be One Of Us is a veritable blast of awesomeness. From the opening title track to mid-album bomb "Violence Is Forever" to the epic closer "They Come Crawling Back," You Will Never Be One Of Us is an evolutionary step for Nails, expertly produced by Kurt Ballou. If Nails impressed before, fans are sure to revel in You Will Never Be One Of Us. Spanning an epic 21 minutes-Nails' longest yet-the quartet's new full-length is a masterpiece in riotous violence.

12” LP Vinyl.