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Cat no. BEYI18.1
Track Listings
1. Arena Negra (Black Sand)
2. Juanito Laguna Duerme Con Los Grillos (Juanito Laguna Sleeping With the Crickets)
3. Dome House Music
4. The Forward Path: Emergence/Distant Traveller/Permanent Revolution

Vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release from the Tucson, AZ-based indie outfit. The Myrrors sound is one of urgency, but urgency not beholden to velocity. From the 12 minute "Arena Negra" album opener to the 20 minute inhumanly heavy album closer, "The Forward Path," it's immediately apparent that the band has captured completely the sound of shackles being shed. Arena Negra comes on strong, as clearly, evenly and undeniably as the very light that enters your eyes, fueled by a heroic dose of Bardo Pond-esque levels of elevation and amplification. Arena Negra is - both by turns and, miraculously, all at once - dramatic, reflective, ecstatic and otherworldly. It's the work of craftsmen and the cosmos, equally, dialed-in to accurately reflect immensity and awe.