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My Chemical Romance - Life On The Murder Scene Vinyl LP White & Red Splatter Colour Black Friday 2020

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Cat no. 0093624895589

Please note this is a RSD Black Friday release, limited to 1 copy per customer

Track Listing

1. Thank You For The Venom (Live)
2. Cemetary Drive (Live)
3. Give 'Em Hell, Kid (Live)
4. Headfirst for Halos (Live)
5. Helena (Live)
6. You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us In Prison (Live)
7. The Ghost of You (Live)
8. I'm Not Okay (I Promise)(Live)
9. I Never Told You What I Do For A Living (Demo)
10. Bury Me In Black (Demo)
11. Desert Song

First time on vinyl for this compilation album originally released in 2006. Contains live tracks, b-sides, and rare demos. Includes Helena, Thank You For The Venom, The Ghost Of You, and Bury Me In Black. Pressed on limited clear vinyl with red splatter.