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Cat no. EMAK8.1
Track Listings
1. Ate the Sun
2. Awake
3. House of Circles
4. Run For Cover
5. Bit of Tongue
6. Fly Me Over
7. We Sing Electric
8. Winter
9. Wolf Girls
10. Outsiders
11. Watch the City Sail Away
12. Capsize

"This Cleveland band singer-guitarist Nicole Barille and drummer-pianist Sam Meister is at once Rust Belt scrappy and dreamily explosive, like they can't decide if they want to represent their hometown or blow it up. Mr. Gnome's third album evokes the dada bounce of local heroes Pere Ubu, as well as the giddily overheated primitivism of that other Midwestern boy-girl team; they may amble into a toy-piano interlude or let loose an anxious caterwaul over a Sabbath-worthy brick wall of a riff. On "Watch the City Sail Away," Barille sings, "The sky explodes/With a smile," in a voice somewhere between Billie Holiday and Björk and you get the sense that these two are pretty psyched to see what comes next." - Andrew Flanagan / Rolling Stone