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Monteagle Midnight Noon Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. LPFTK138LE
Track Listing

1. East LA 2. Master 3. Midnight Noon 4. Hollow Ground 5. Honey Moon 6. Elvis 7. Motel 8. Cherry Wine 9. Black Dress 10. June

Midnight Noon is the debut album from Justin Giles Wilcox - best know as chief songwriter in Nassau & now defunct band Moonlight Bride. Monteagle, named for a mountain in Justin's home state and with a full band supporting has emerged as his main creative focus. The record is a collection of songs written about growing up in rural Tennessee, moving to New York City and looking back at the once discarded landscape with a deeper understanding and appreciation of rural America's hidden beauty. The album envelops a slow focus, working in honest observations and simple truths. It's an origin story sonically toying with Americana and Folk and placing it in a more urban, textural context. Written, recorded and produced by Justin Giles Wilcox and mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes, Songs: Ohia, M. Ward).