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Queens Of The Stoneage Era Vulgaris Vinyl LP 2019

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Cat no. 810825


1. Turnin' On the Screw
2. Sick, Sick, Sick
3. I'm Designer
4. Into the Hollow
5. Misfit Love
6. Running Joke
7. Battery Acid
8. Make It Wit Chu
9. 3's and 7's
10. Suture Up Your Future
11. River in the Road
12. Run, Pig, Run

Era Vulgaris translates to the common era, but there is nothing common about this album from Queens of the Stone Age. Joshua Homme's band of gypsies return with their fifth full-length release from the seminal desert rockers and they are out for blood with guitars slung low. Era Vulgaris delivers riffs heavier than a slab of stonehenge and more infectious than the black plague, vocals as smooth as molten lava and infused with sex, danger, and the sound of a band possessed to deliver rock music to a new epoch. This mind-blowing album sees the band return to their deepest, darkest roots, with shadowy riffs reminiscent of the desert sounds of the Kyuss days combined with multi layered industrial power guitar and organ blasts of a new era. It was produced by long time Queens production cohort Chris Goss and Josh Homme himself at their hideaway in the dunes of Joshua Tree. Era Vulgaris includes a re-recording of the desert session favourite Make it Witchu (with Mark Lanegan's vocals replaced by Josh's), and features a track with Julian Casablancas from the Strokes.