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Milking The Goatmachine Neue Platte Vinyl LP White Colour 2023

Cat no. 4251981703985
White Colour Vinyl


1. The Squeal Session
2. Feed Me, Milk Me, Comb Me
3. Children of the Horn
4. Extreme Wolves Terror
5. The Wrong One to Milk With
6. In Battle There Is No Straw
7. Boots Bloody Boots
8. Twilight of the Thundergoat
9. Funky Funeral
10. Issn Köttel, Machine Köttel
11. Napalm Grass
12. Kraut Im Bart Und Quark Im Fell
13. Careless Whisper

The inventors of Goatgrind return to remind humanity that they are in a permanent state of subjugation. The fact that Milking the Goatmachine musically shaves the fan razor-sharp with this 'convulsing concept album about nonsense' is made clear by the symbolic title 'Neue Platte' and the matching cover artwork ('Platte' referring to a vinyl record as well as to baldness in German). The goat brothers present new pearls of good taste, lovingly and tongue-in-cheek titled 'The Wrong One to Milk With', 'In Battle There Is No Straw' or 'Twilight of the Thundergoat'. What leaves mankind no chance: The unique catchiness of the music recorded by Fernando Hermansa in the Fat-Knob Recordings studios, because elements of death, grind, thrash and crust merge into an irresistibly groovy mixture that deliberately appeals to the lowest instincts of every metalhead. Modern slams, death metal overtones, Carcass grooves, brutal rolling, grind blasts with a Scorpions break or a disturbing, German dubbed 'Ren & Stimpy' intro - the goatgrind of Milking the Goatmachine stands for furiously performed variety. And whoever survives a 'Careless Whisper' at the end is steeled for life.