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MICHAEL GIACCHINO The Incredibles 12" Pic Disc Vinyl NEW 2018

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Cat no. 8738472

The Glory Days
Mr. Huph Will See You Now
Adventure Calling
Bob vs. The Omnidroid
Lava in the Aternoon
Life's Incredible Again
Off to Work
New and Improved
Kronos Unveiled
Marital Rescue
Missile Lock
Lithe or Death
100 Mile Dash
A Whole Family of Supers
Escaping Nomanisan
Road Trip!
Saving Metroville
The New Babysitter
The Incredits

The soundtrack, from the 2004 animated movie, is written by Academy and Grammy Award winner, Michael Giacchino, whose credits include Coco, Rogue One, Inside Out and Star Trek, is positioned ahead of the release of Incredibles 2.