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Melanie Martinez - After School Vinyl EP 2020

Cat no. 0075678646249

Track Listing


1. Notebook
2. Test Me
3. Brain + Heart
4. Numbers
5. Glued
6. Field Trip
7. The Bakery

Multi-platinum pop phenomenon Melanie Martinez is celebrating the release of her “AFTER SCHOOL” EP.
“AFTER SCHOOL” includes seven brand new songs, including “The Bakery,” produced by Blake Slatkin and accompanied by an equally engaging companion video directed and costume designed by Melanie herself.

Melanie Martinez's creative drive and talents have always distinguished her from other musicians. Her compelling music and visual art have created a rabid global fanbase with over 8.4 million followers on Instagram, 11.4 million subscribers on YouTube, 6.3 billion global streams, and 2.4 billion official YouTube views. After releasing her 2015 debut album, Cry Baby—which has amassed over 3.5 billion streams worldwide —she conceived and directed a video for each song on the album. These mini-movies traced the traumas and insecurities experienced by the album's character, Cry Baby.