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Max Romeo Horror Zone Vinyl LP 2016

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. NUROOTSLP001

A1 –Max Romeo What If
A2 –Max Romeo Fed Up
A3 –Max Romeo What is life?
A4 –Max Romeo Scammer jammers
B1 –Max Romeo The sound of war
B2 –Max Romeo Horror Zone
B3 –Max Romeo Cigarette
B4 –Max Romeo Give thanks to Jehovah
C1 –Daniel Boyle feat Lee Perry What if version
C2 –Daniel Boyle Fed up to my dub
C3 –Daniel Boyle What is dub?
C4 –Daniel Boyle Scamjam dub
D1 –Daniel Boyle The sound of dub
D2 –Daniel Boyle feat Lee Perry - Horror zone in dub
D3 –Daniel Boyle Cigarette stub
D4 –Daniel Boyle feat Lee Perry - Give thanks version