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Massive Attack The Spoils LTD Coloured 12" Single Vinyl

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. VST2142

Massive Attack and Mazzy Star's Hope Sandoval on the same is the pure definition of the term "Dream team". They have of course recorded before but not quite to the brilliant effect of the track "The Spoils". This is a song that could have easily sat on "Protection" with its languid slow burning power it could easily be a Bond Theme. Sandoval's repeated chorus of "And I somehow slowly love you And wanna keep you this way/Well, I somehow slowly know you/And wanna keep you" grips the listener as the music surges in the backdrop. If this is the precursor for a new album it will be a cracker. "The Spoils" is doubled with a video featuring actress Kate Blanchett which is also well worth checking out.

The second track on this EP is “Come Near Me,” featuring vocals from the UK’s Ghostpoet. This is much darker and more threatening track. The deep vocals bring a sense of unease driven by a repetitive drum machine and a sample of "Unfinished Sympathy". It stands very much in the shadow of "The Spoils and where that song is five star this is about three. A composite four stars therefore is the obvious outcome