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Martin Freeman & Eddie Piller Jazz On The Corner 2 Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. AJX2LP503

Track Listing

Side One

1. The Magnilla

2. I'm Gonna Leave You

3. Tough Talk

4. Jungle Strut

5. Shape of Things to Come

Side Two

1. Caravan

2. Gira, Girou (Round & Round)

3. Do It The Hard Way

4. Concorde

5. Nature Boy

Side Three

1. Al Amin (The Knower)

2. Compared To What

3. Tranquilizer Suite Part 4: Perseverance & Endurance

4. Ley lines

5. Creative Musicians

Side Four

1. Leaving This Planet

2. Freedom Jazz Dance

3. That Old Black Magic

4. A Tear To A Smile

5. Summer Days

A follow up to 2018's Jazz On The Corner which has now sold over 10,000 copies, and last year's equally successful Soul On The Corner, this compilation see Martin and Eddie return to the world of jazz for another bite at the cherry after Volume one was declared to be "the best jazz compilation of the last 20 years" by Jazz FM's Chris Phillips.