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Marijuana Deathsquads Tuff Guy Electronics Vinyl LP New 2018

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Cat no. LPPW002
Track Listing

Side 1 - Track 1. Brain Injury
Side 1 - Track 2. Last Sunny Day
Side 2 - Track 1. Blown Pupils
Side 2 - Track 2. Ain't Been Right Since That Party
Side 2 - Track 3. O No
Side 2 - Track 4. Where That Wild Thing Is?

Marijuana Deathsquads Tuff Guy Electronics is the first new music that the Minneapolis centered collective has released since 2013. It simultaneously sounds like a heavily digitized ride on the motorik highway and a droll stroll through the apocalypse, the kind of music only people with conceptual talent to burn (and an inherent desire to touch that flame) choose to envision. Its a pop-avant-garde paean to the space between an abstract higher power and the creative open road full of primal groove and techno subtlety, but beholden to neither. If you claim Marijuana Deathsquads to be the Midwests answer to Boredoms (or at least F*ck B*tt*ns), they probably wouldnt mind the compliment.