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MARGO PRICE All American Made LP Vinyl NEW 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 0813547024589

Don't Say It
A Little Pain
Learning to Lose (feat. Willie Nelson)
Pay Gap
Nowhere Fast
Cocaine Cowboys
Wild Women
Heart of America
Do Right By Me
All American Made

A lot can change in a year: markets boom and bust, trends come and go, presidents get elected. In 2015, Margo Price was a country underdog just trying to keep enough gas in the tank to get to the next gig, but by the end of 2016, she was one of the genre’s most celebrated new artists. It’s the kind of year most musicians can only dream of, and the arrival of Price’s spectacular sophomore album, All American Made proves that she hasn’t taken a moment of it for granted.
Delivering on the promise of her debut and then some, the record finds Price planting her flag firmly in the soil as a songwriter who is here for the long haul, one with the chops to hang with the greats she so often finds herself sharing stages with.