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Marathon - Mark Kelly's Marathon Vinyl LP 2020

Cat no. 0215443EMU
Track Listing:
1. Amelia (I) Shoreline
2. Amelia (II) Whistling at the Sea
3. Amelia (III) 13 Bones
4. When I Fell
5. This Time
6. Puppets
7. Twenty Fifty One (I) Search
8. Twenty Fifty One (II) Arrival
9. Twenty Fifty One (III) Trail of Tears
10. Twenty Fifty One (IV) Brief History

Marathon was formed in 2019 by Mark Kelly, the keyboard player with Marillion. Together with Guy Vickers, Oliver M. Smith (vocalist), Pete 'Woody' Wood (guitar,) John Cordy (guitar), Henry Rogers (drums) and his nephew Conal Kelly (bass), Mark Kelly turned his vision into reality. Marillion bandmate Steve Rothery also joined the band and contributed the lead guitar to the song 'Puppets'. The band recorded their debut album in separate locations between March and July 2020 in lockdown during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.