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Cat no. LEYLA001
Track Listings
1. Symbiotic,
2. Bring the Brave In,
3. Pascal's Gambit,
4. I am Desire

Across four bristling cuts, he is the first to represent the label's dedication to classic techno with a modernist twist. Human Image further refines Manni's flair for constructing hypnotic techno that surges with detail. The four tracks provide a vivid dip into the dancefloor, placing you firmly in front of the speakers, head first into a manic dance. With previous releases on Black Sun Records and Perc Trax, as well as support from the likes of Surgeon, himself an inspiration for the label, Manni is the perfect artist to launch Leyla into the world. From the blistering roll out of Symbiotic to the hypnotic pound of Bring The Brave In , the swung rhythm of Pascal's Gambit to the cavernous inferno of I Was Desire , Human Image is a reflection of the bodily pleasures of techno. It is what you'd see if you could hold a mirror up to dancing devotees at any rave worldwide. It is, like Leyla's own occult origins, both light and dark. Leyla is a brand new label dedicated to recapturing the authentic feeling of techno from a specific era while retaining a modern touch. It's a platform for the music to grow with inspiration from a wide range of styles - industrial, folk, electro. Leyla brings it all together for a new generation.