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Maisie Peters You Signed Up For This Vinyl LP White Colour Assai Signed Edition 2021

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 0190296743566A

Limited Assai Records Vinyl Edition - Album of the Month Obi Edition

  • Assai Records Exclusive Signed Japanese OBi*
  • White Colour Vinyl
  • Hand-numbered*
  • limited to 200 copies*

*Exclusive to Assai Records

Multiple orders will be cancelled without notice. No sales/shipping to non-UK addresses or ebay resellers.


1. You Signed Up For This
2. I’m Trying
3. John Hughes Movie
4. Outdoor Pool
5. Love Him I Don’t
6. Psycho
7. Boy
8. Hollow
9. Villain
10. Brooklyn
11. My Elvis Song
12. Talking To Strangers
13. Volcano
14. Tough Act