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Cat no. SNHO2198.1

1. Pow! (Intro) - Madvillain
2. No Brain - Madvillain
3. Pearls - Madvillain
4. Light Of The Past - Madvillain
5. Boulder Holder - Madvillain
6. Borrowed Time - Madvillain
7. Space Hp's Coast To Coast - Madvillain
8. Invazion (Interlude) - Madvillain
9. Drainos - Madvillain
10. Fire In The Hole - Madvillain
11. Heat Niner - Madvillain
12. Monkey Suit
13. Fluid (Instrumental)
14. Can't Reform Em
15. Redd Spot (Interlude)
16. Running Around With Another
17. Butter King Jewels
18. Sermon
19. Roller Coaster Riders (Instrumental)
20. 3.214
21. Confucius Spot (Interlude)
22. Never Go Pop
23. Savage Beast (Instrumental)
24. Cold One
25. Cold One (Reprise)

Madlib has never been one to respect convention. Back in 2008, he created one of his more respected forms of alleged musical sacrilege. In need of some headphone listening before a ten-hour plane journey to Tokyo, Madlib reworked his classic DOOM collaboration Madvillainy in its entirety. Previously available only with a hyper-limted box set and on a tiny run of white label vinyl, Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remixes is now being d properly on wax, packaged in a full colour jacket of the original limited CD artwork, plus comic book insert and a digital download of the entire album.