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Cat no. WB542261.1
Track Listings
1. Heavenly Light
2. Night Like This
3. One Last Mistake
4. Tokyo Sunrise
5. Salvation
6. Your Town
7. Free To Love
8. Levitator
9. Someday
10. Savannah
11. Into The Wild
12. Forever For Now

Rob Cavallo has enlisted a variety of approaches and creative combinations to take LP on a musical and emotional journey, from the opening burst of "Heavenly Light" to the more subdued denouement of "Forever For Now" (co-produced by Isa Summers). As the album came together it led LP to places she didn t know it would take her. "There are certain songs that changed the landscape of this album for me," she says.

"One Last Mistake" is one of the songs that broadened the scope of where the album could go. Working with Kid Harpoon brought out a different sound, particularly with the harmonies. Another is "Night Like This," a collaboration with Mike del Rio and Nate Campany, which almost didn t make the album. "A few major artists wanted to sing that track," LP says. The song s laid-back feel and sweet tone, mixed with the rhythmic stomp of the kick-drum, feel natural nestled within the whole of the record.

The LP-Cavallo partnership opened the music up to new possibilities. Foremost is the orchestral elements that grace songs like "Tokyo Sunrise," which, like "Into The Wild," was co-written and co-produced by PJ Bianco. That orchestra, complemented by the fragile harp-like sounds of a twelve-string guitar, provide the vivid backdrop for the song s layered, powerful vocals.

"I always knew with "Tokyo Sunrise," from the moment it came together, that it would be the artistic pinnacle of the album," LP says. "The emotional content behind that song runs very deep for me and brings me there every time I sing it."

Though each song on the album is unique, overall, all 12 feel like they belong in the same family. It sounds like a cohesive piece of work; perhaps even a triumphant piece of work. "TRIUMPHANT!" LP says with a wink..