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Cat no. 88985355011

Side 1
1. Vicious
2. Andy's Chest
3. Perfect Day
4. Hangin' 'Round
5. Walk On the Wild Side

Side 2
1. Make Up
2. Satellite of Love
3. Wagon Wheel
4. New York Telephone Conversation
5. I'm So Free
6. Goodnight Ladies

Side 3
1. Berlin
2. Lady Day
3. Men of Good Fortune
4. Caroline Says I
5. How Do You Think It Feels
6. Oh Jim

Side 4
1. Caroline Says II
2. The Kids
3. The Bed
4. Sad Song

Side 5
1. Intro / Sweet Jane
2. Heroin

Side 6
1. White Light / White Heat
2. Lady Day
3. Rock 'N' Roll

Side 7
1. Crazy Feeling
2. Charley's Girl
3. She's My Best Friend
4. Kicks

Side 8
1. A Gift
2. Ooohhh Baby
3. Nobody's Business
4. Coney Island Baby

Side 9
1. Gimmie Some Good Times
2. Dirt
3. Street Hassle

Side 10
1. I Wanna Be Black
2. Real Good Time Together
3. Shooting Star
4. Leave Me Alone
5. Wait

Side 11
1. My House
2. Women
3. Underneath the Bottle
4. The Gun
5. The Blue Mask

Side 12
1. Average Guy
2. The Heroine
3. Waves of Fear
4. The Day John Kennedy Died
5. Heavenly Arms

Lou Reed’s musical legacy is as multi-faceted as the man himself, beginning as part of the highly influential group – The Velvet Underground who were evaded by commercial success but redeemed by influencing a new wave of post-punk artists and becoming darlings of the Warhol New York art scene. His time as a solo artist was equally, if not more, prolific with ever-lasting hits such as “Perfect Day”, “Satellite of Love” and “Walk On The Wild Side” ensuring he would was locked into the pages of rock history forever.

A special collectible 6LP 12" vinyl edition, Lou Reed- The RCA & Arista Vinyl Collection, Vol 1 will be available on Friday, November 18. Each of the six album titles will be pressed on high fidelity 150gram vinyl and housed in a meticulous facsimile reproduction of the album's original packaging including a 30 page softcover book featuring previously unseen photos and memorabilia from Lou’s personal archives and insightful liner notes.