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Lord Sitar Lord Sitar LP Vinyl New

Cat no. 0825646186099
Limited edition Record Store Day green LP with the 60's parlophone sticker.

A kitsch classic, a lounge favorite, Lord Sitar is an album of cover versions as diverse as �I Can See For Miles� and �If I Were A Rich Man� from the sitar of the late great guitar legend Big Jim Sullivan.

Lord Sitar was the alias for renowned session musician and guitar virtuoso Big Jim Sullivan who, in 1966 and 1967, found himself in the enviable position of being the only established session guitarist in England to own a sitar. By 1967, that attribute had turned him into a valuable commodity (via Wikipedia). In 1968 on Lord Sitar�s initial release on EMI�s Columbia label, there were rumors that the Lord was in fact George Harrison!