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LONELY THE BRAVE Things Will Matter (Redux) Vinyl LP 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. HOFF252LPA

Things Will Matter
Black Mire (Redux)
What If You Fall In (Redux)
Ratt lesnakes (Redux)
Diamond Days (Redux)
Play Dead (Redux)
Dust & Bones (Redux)
Radar (Redux)
Tank Wave (Redux)
Strange Like I (Redux)
Boxes (Redux)
Jaws Of Hell (Redux)

Despite their successes, Lonely The Brave have never been like their peers, never calculated the game in quite the same way they have, never shot from the same angle. From their stage dynamics, to their infl uences, they have always been proud of their differences and in what has staunchly set them apart from the others who have now fallen by the wayside. They followed the release of their critically acclaimed debut “The Day’s War” with an extended version including several Redux tracks that reinvented material rather than simply stripped it back and they follow this theme of insular reinventi on again now on a full Redux album version of their sophomore record “Things Will Matt er”. Melody and heart will always be at the centre of what they do, but Lonely The Brave are here to prove once again that they will always to conti nue to do things that other bands can’t. At their most anthemic, or at their most vulnerable, Lonely The Brave remain an inarguably important act. Where they head for the next album remains to be seen, but you know that if they can keep their heads we will be rewarded with another record on their own terms that will always stand proudly apart from the rest.