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Cat no. HOR113LP

Track Listings
1. Big Gay Heart
2. Great Big No
3. Paid To Smile
4. It s About Time
5. Style
6. I ll Do It Anyway
7. Rest Assured
8. You Can Take It With You (prt.2)
9. Down About It
10. Into Your Arms
11. Superhero
12. And So The Story Goes
13. Being Around
14. You Can Take It With You (prt.1)

Hello you !! The record you hold in your hands ( or clicked on with your mouse ) represents the fulfillment of a little dream I had a long time ago, or for a long time . Or is it a long dream I had a long time ago for a short while - or was it a big dream I've had for a long time . Well , anyway I've always wanted to make an " Album " for 53 dollars - Walkman 50 , tape 3 bucks . Oh to record live to cassette , master it and put it out ... I have finally done it ! I recorded this here biscuit in and around either December '92, or Feb '93 . I remember it was a sunday night in Bondi - the night the "Car Enthusiasts come out . I had just returned to Australia - my home away from home- from our first Japanese tour . Life was good . I made this tape for our Aussie agent of that time , Stephen Pavlovic . I am forever grateful to this man for introducing me to Australia and a grand gang of australians! This LP documents a lovely lull in the action. a Sunday night into morning to collect myself and my songs . The songs that would be on our next album . some of these never made it and the "Into Your Arms " I did here is better than the one on the album ( i like it anyway ) So sit back, snort some no doze and listen for the tunes, the sea ,the tape hiss ( ahhh ) , the cars , the birds the trucks , and the killer motorcycle at the end of being around !! Wherever you live I'll be back there soon , inshallah !!!. Until then let's all make the most of the tail-end of sex with furniture -Yours ever faithfully Evan G Dando.