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Lead Belly Easy Rider Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. FWLP02034
Track Listing

Side A 1. There's A Man Going Around Taking Names 2. Easy Rider 3. Red Bird 4. Line Em' 5. T.B. BluesSide B 1. Jim Crow 2. Bourgeois Blues 3. Army Life 4. Hitler Song

This collection of songs by Lead Belly was assembled by Folkways founder Moses Asch from recordings made in the early to mid-1940s, and it focuses primarily on Lead Belly's observations on the hate and racism that permeated America and the world during this turbulent period of history. Songs like Jim Crow and Bourgeois Blues reflect his anger at the discrimination he and others experienced as African Americans, while Hitler was his condemnation of Hitler and anti-Semitism. This vinyl reissue is part of a Folkways Records series, revisiting some of the most iconic and influential albums released on the record label, continuing with Lead Belly (FW-LP-02034), Dave Van Ronk (FWLP03818), and Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry (FWLP02327).