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Lazy Smoke - Corridor of Smoke Vinyl LP 2010

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Cat no. JKPO26.1
Track Listing:

1. I Don't Need the Sun
2. Changing the Time
3. Wait Till You See
4. Scarecrow
5. I Could Fall Asleep
6. Come with the Day
7. Am I Wrong
8. Salty People
9. There Was a Time
10. Sarah Saturday
11. Jackie-Marie
12. All These Years
13. You Don't Understand Girl
Limited vinyl LP-only release comes with digital download. In addition to twelve 1967 demos, Corridor of Faces Demos LP also includes two songs originally recorded to acetate in 1966 by pre-Lazy Smoke project: The Road Runners. These two slabs of proto-Garage have never seen the light of day and none of the songs included here have ever been released on vinyl.