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La Houle Premiere Vague Vinyl LP New 2019

La Houle Premiere Vague Vinyl LP New 2019

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Track Listing

Side A 1. Intro 2. The Seer 3. La Houle 4. Souvenirs 5. CouleursSide B 1. Alpha Tauri 2. Ocean 3. A Present 4. Nuit 5. Outro

Led by the Simon Sockeel, La Houle is a musical project that is part of the new French underground pop scene, while exploring the "noise" sounds of rock and electronic music, with cold and confusing poetic lyrics.After an exile across the Channel where the band improved their live in the clubs of East London, La Houle released their first EP in March 2017. It performed it the following months in France and UK, opening for Julien Gasc, Aquaserge … Digged by the collective La Souterraine, the band released a compilation (Mostla Tape) of 8 demo songs that took form as a debut album, entitled "Première Vague" released by Beko Records (CD) and Croque Macadam / Requiem Pour Twister (Vinyl). Now based in Rennes, the group is preparing its next album leaving behind "these stretched out memories, vague and distant.