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Free UK Shipping over £50 - excludes Album + Ticket Bundles


Cat no. SP1160

Track Listing

1. Show Me
2. White Street
3. (Don't) Wannabe
4. X-communicate
5. Skin Shed
6. Drive the Night
7. What Is Love
8. Face 2 Face
9. Going Thru the Motions
10. Smoke Rings

Sometimes you have to rip it up and start again…It was a tough call for Dee Dee, Dum Dum Girls was her guise for most of a decade, an outlet through which she’s crafted a resonant, instantly-identifiable body of work.
In 2015 Kristin decided to shed her skin, ditching Dee Dee for her real name, Kristin, and adding Kontrol. It was a spontaneous idea that resonated.
The challenge was to start fresh, go further back into her relationship to music. Sweep all her loves together into one genreless experience.
The result is this phenomenal album!!