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KING GIZZ. & THE LIZARD WIZ. Polygondwanaland Vinyl LP 2018

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Cat no. HVNLP153


  1. Crumbling Castle
  2. Polygondwanaland
  3. The Castle In The Air
  4. Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet
  5. Inner Cell
  6. Loyalty
  7. Horology
  8. Tetrachromacy
  9. Searching...
  10. The Fourth Colour

Always masters of the unexpected, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have surpassed themselves with ‘Polygonwanaland’, the fourth of five albums they are releasing in 2017.

“‘Polygondwanaland’ is another stellar entry in King Gizzard near-flawless 2017 run; but to say that it’s merely good is to miss the point entirely.” - Loud & Quiet (9/10)

“‘Polygondwanaland’ reveals a collective experiment, one that is undertaken by only the most genuine of artists: the desire to discover that which lives beyond ostensible
everyday reality. The band returns psychedelic music - a genre markedly shrouded in controversy - back to its more innocent roots, to the idea of escaping societal conformism
through creating art.” - Northern Transmissions (8/10)

“‘Polygondwanaland’ is one of their strongest excursions yet, not just of this year but of any.” - The Quietus

“And here’s the narrative that I’m already developing in my head: It took the band three quick-succession albums to build up to what they’ve done on ‘Polygondwanaland’. All
four albums are worth your time, but King Gizzard had to chase their muse down a few different rabbit holes before they ended up with something truly stunning, and that
something truly stunning is ‘Polygondwanaland’.” - Stereogum

LP pressed on 180g vinyl with digital download code included.