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King Diamond Songs for the Dead Double Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. 155881
Track Listing

1. Out from the Asylum (Live at the Fillmore)2. Welcome Home (Live at the Fillmore)3. Sleepless Nights (Live at the Fillmore)4. Eye of the Witch (Live at the Fillmore)5. Halloween (Live at the Fillmore)6. Melissa (Live at the Fillmore)7. Come to the Sabbath (Live at the Fillmore)8. Them (Live at the Fillmore)9. Funeral (Live at the Fillmore)10. Arrival (Live at the Fillmore)11. A Mansion in Darkness (Live at the Fillmore)12. The Family Ghost (Live at the Fillmore)13. The 7th Day of July 1777 (Live at the Fillmore)14. Omens (Live at the Fillmore)15. The Possession (Live at the Fillmore)16. Abigail (Live at the Fillmore)17. Black Horsemen (Live at the Fillmore)18. Insanity (Live at the Fillmore)