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KIETH JARRETT The Survivors Suite Vinyl LP 2017

Currently Unavailable
Cat no. 4780924

The Survivors' Suite (Beginning)

The Survivors' Suite (Conclusion)

Melody Maker Jazz Album Of The Year The Survivors' Suite, recorded in 1976, is the crowning achievement of Keith Jarrett's "American Quartet" with Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian, and one of the all-time enduring masterpieces in the ECM catalogue. It is now back in the catalogue on 180g vinyl, including a free download code. Melody Maker: "The Survivors' Suite is a brilliantly organized and full-blooded work which provides the perfect setting for all four talents. This is a very complete record. It creates its own universe and explores it thoroughly, leaving the listener awed and satisfied... An unashamedly ardent album, Jarrett's very finest." The Wire: "The labyrinthine composition seems to redefine 'intensity' each time it turns a corner. The drive toward the climax of Side Two is among the most moving in modern music, Dewey Redman absolutely titanic over the surging rhythms." Personnel: Keith Jarrett (piano, soprano saxophone, bass recorder, celeste, osi drums), Dewey Redman (tenor saxophone, percussion), Charlie Haden (double bass), Paul Motian (drums, percussion).