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Cat no. BSM144V
Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Kevin Devine (Bad Books, Kevin Devine and the Goddamn Band), announces the release of the highly anticipated dual release of Bulldozer and Bubblegum (previously known as LP7 and LP 8, respectively). Bubblegum, produced by Brand News Jesse Lacey, is a proper rock band record, a sound evolved from Devines early days in Miracle of 86; a charging record loaded with feedback, overdriven guitars and unexpectedly memorable hooks. The twelve songs on Bubblegum create a hard-driving, angular, and mature indie rock sound. Set to Pixie-like guitar riffs and socially conscious, politically bombastic lyrics, as evident on 'Fiscal Cliff', this is a side of Devine that screams and shouts itself over the feedback. 'Nobel Prize' is a head-bouncing intro that captures the records relentless energy. 'Private First Class', based on the imprisonment of Bradley Manning for leaking classified documents in Iraq, is a surf/punk anthem of the highest-measure. But even high-octane rock records need to slow down, and Devine does so on tracks like 'I Cant Believe You' and 'Red Bird' without losing consistency or steam. The Goddamn Bands musicianship is provided by Mike Fadem (drums) and Mike Strandberg (guitar), with a debt to Lacey who also steps in on bass and percussion, and backup vocals.
Product Description
1. Nobel Prize
2. Private First Class
3. Fiscal Cliff
4. I Can't Believe You
5. Red Bird
6. Bloodhound
7. Bubblegum
8. Sick Of Worlds
9. Capybara
10. She Can See Me
11. Somewhere Unoccupied
12. I Don't Care About Your Band