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Kelly Lee Owens - Inner Song Vinyl LP White Colour 2020

Cat no. STS372LPC1

Written and recorded after what Owens considers the hardest three years of her life, Inner Song is the second album by the Welsh electronic artist. An ultra-modern, mesmeric exploration of her Welsh heritage, Owens has produced an album that truly dazzles. Featuring a collaboration with none other than John Cale, Inner Song showcases an artist with a rare talent, and a very promising future.

Track Listing:

Side A:

1. Arpeggi
2. On
3. Melt!
4. Re-Wild
5. Jeanette
6. L.I.N.E.
7. Corner of My Sky (ft. John Cale)

Side B:

1. Night
2. Flow
3. Wake-Up