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JUSTIN TOWNES EARLE Single Mothers / Absent Fathers LP Vinyl NEW 2015

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Cat no. VJLP2189


LP 1 - Single Mothers
Worried Bout The Weather
Single Mothers
My Baby Drives
Today And A Lonely Night
Picture In A Drawer

Wanna Be A Stranger
White Gardenias
Time Shows Fools
It's Cold In This House
Burning Pictures

LP 2 - Absent Fathers
Farther From Me
Least I Got The Blues
Call Ya Momma
Day and Night

Round the Bend
When the One You Love Loses Faith
Slow Monday
Someone Will Pay
Looking For A Place To Land

Comprised of new 10 tracks, Absent Fathers was recorded alongside Single Mothers as a double album, but as Justin began to sequence it, he felt each half needed to make its own statement and they took on their own identities. Released just a few months previous, Single Mothers was hailed by Noisey/Vice as an album that shows the world that alt-country can be pretty dope. Combined with Absent Fathers, the double album perfectly showcases exactly why Justin Townes Earle is considered a forefather of contemporary Americana.