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Juiceboxxx - It's Easy To Feel Like A Nobody … Vinyl LP 2020

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Cat no. DGB1921
Track Listing:

1. Coinstar Song
2. In The Basement
3. Running So Deep
4. Kids Are Looking
5. Ride It All Night
6. Drive Around
7. Deal With The Dream
8. Just Another Loser With Nothing To Lose
9. Back In Your Car
10. It's Easy To Feel Like A Nobody When You’re Living In The City

Look - if you weren't freaking out with a scrawny young Juiceboxxx at a basement show in Milwaukee when he was 15, or following his bizarre stint opening for Public Enemy in Canada a decade ago, or there for the launch of his Thunder Zone Energy Drink, or his recent champion stint on Las Vegas alt-rock radio, these are years of missed fandom you will never get back. (God knows he won't get those years back either.)But it's not too late to never forget this legendary, all-American, DIY-music lifer who against all odds keeps moving forward and confounding expectations."Coinstar Song," out May 10, is the lead single from Juiceboxxx's forthcoming new album via Dangerbird Records. Listening, or some other time when you're silently breaking down at your office desk, you might ask yourself: What is this life? Why??!? What do I get out of bed for? The answer might be in "Coinstar Song," which is somehow both soul-crushing and supremely motivational. We are here to move forward, to persist, to grind what we grind until it's deadly sharp.And if the answer to life's pressing questions isn't in "Coinstar Song," you go on looking for it. That's what the man who has maintained this deranged moniker since he was a teenager teaches us. Because if there's one thing to know about Juiceboxxx, it's that he never surrenders. "Did I mess up my life?" he asks at one point. Probably, but what else is there to do.