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Cat no. TWR133
Track Listings
1. Train Out of Hollywood
2. I Would Give Anything
3. In the Summertime
4. Hey Mister That's Me Up On the Jukebox
5. Under Your Door
6. About Love
7. I've Never Been to Texas
8. You're Not Here Anymore
9. One in a Million
10. You Are Not My Friend
11. Sweet Feet
12. Some Arrows Go in Deep

After emigrating to America in 1993, "Ebb & Flow" is Judith Owen's eighth album since her 1996 debut Emotions On A Postcard. She's married to the actor and humorist Harry Shearer and in addition to her acclaimed solo work, Judith has for many years been Richard Thompson's female foil of choice. Both have appeared on each other's albums and Owen played a leading collaborative part in Thompson's projects 1000 Years Of Popular Music and Cabaret of Souls. She also co-created “Losing It” with Ruby Wax, a funny yet devastatingly honest two-woman show chronicling descent into mental illness that was a boxoffice hit in London's West End in 2011. But it is her role as an unflinching singer-songwriter baring her soul that remains at the core of Owen's creativity.