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Cat no. SUZ5463.1
Track Listings
1. Trick Bag
2. I Ain't Fattenin' No More Frogs for Snakes
3. Cold Biscuits & Fish Heads
4. Stone Age Man
5. I'm Gonna Build a Mountain
6. Mojo Gumbo
7. The House of the Rising Sun
8. Gotta Get Away
9. Come the Sun Tomorrow

Signed to Scepter Records after A&R man Steve Tyrell saw him perform at a gig with B.B. King and T-Bone Burnett, Texas bluesman Joseph Longeria stepped out with this truly stunning and slightly bizarre 1969 album that's long been revered in collectors' circles. Finally, here's the first-ever reissue of this hidden gem from the original masters, pressed onto 180-gram vinyl that does justice to the greasy, fuzzed-out guitar and weird ruminations of fattened frogs, fish heads, mountains, cavemen and gumbo contained within! Sundazed.