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Cat no. MELT-014PMI
Track Listings
1. My Maria
2. Helen of Troy
3. China Sea
4. Engine
5. Save Us
6. Cable Hogue
7. I Keep a Close Watch
8. Pablo Picasso
9. Leaving It Up to You
10. Baby What You Want Me to Do
11. Sudden Death

From the celestial opening strains of "My Maria," which sounds in places like a hymn, to the teeth-gnashing "Sudden Death," Cale shows us heaven, hell, and the life in between. Employing a cocktail of wild experimentation, tonal versatility, and range of emotion, Cale's compositions whip from soaring serenades like "I Keep a Close Watch" to the unhinged, wild-eyed "Leaving It Up to You" (pulled from the original release due to its reference to the murder of Sharon Tate) to the soulful, surf-derived "China Sea. " Eno's synthesizer casts love spells and shadows while Chris Spedding's guitar drills bluesy, ragged holes through every composition. A tormented, sinister cover of the Modern Lovers' "Pablo Picasso" (Cale produced the Lovers' debut) shows what you get when you replace Jonathan Richman's dreamy smile with Cale's bared teeth. - soundstsgedirect. com