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JOEL GION Joel Gion LP Vinyl NEW 2017

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Cat no. LPBBIB039

Come To Light
The Nihilist
Mercury In Retrograde

Joel Gion himself is an element indefinable at his core, no matter how deeply one investigates either his mystery or his history (be it time spent with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the celluloid anti-hero working out some kinks in the documentary 'Dig!' or simply his repeat rankings in the ongoing competition for 'Coolest Motherfucker on Earth') in fact, he's likely to gain less definition the further one delves. In place of rigid definition, we find instantly invigorating hooks, we find an unhurried pace matched with an unworried tone, we find a captivating collection of California calm mixed with self-command, with General Gion standing at the helm of an army of talented musicians, flutes and reverb pedals at the ready.