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Jobs - Similar Canvas Vinyl 7" Single New 2019

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Cat no. SIRL47LE
Track Listing

Side A,
1. Similar Canvas (feat. Sam King) - Jobs

Side B,
1. Different Properties (feat. Sam King)

Experimental rock band JOBS returns with a limited-edition two-track 7' EP titled Similar Canvas, a collaboration with Arkansas-based painter and visual artist Sam King. In the fall of 2016, each artist began a new body of work, sharing different iterations with each other throughout the process. They made adjustments to the songs or visual pieces based on the other's artistic response to their work. The result is two new JOBS tracks and five new visual pieces by Sam King, represented in the form of a seven-inch vinyl record with an insert documenting the four paintings and one three dimensional sculpture. JOBS' latest release for Ramp Local, Log On For The Free Chance To Log On, was 'delightful and confounding in the best possible way,' (Pitchfork). Their bizarre, interlocking melodies flourished, and the addition of violist Jessica Pavone added an elegance unmatched by any previous JOBS album. Similar Canvas finds JOBS continuing their tradition of disorienting experimental rock, defined by a constant burst of musical ideas, where disjointed jolts of sound sit over -- or under, depending on the song -- tight, interlocked grooves. 'Similar Canvas' is a restless track alternating between crashing waves of David Scanlon's vocal sways and the pounding electronic rhythms from drummer Max Jaffe. All the while Jessica Pavone's viola sits in the back, providing the long-tone meditative tones she's best known for. 'Different Properties' is reminiscent of musical pastiche a la The Books. Surrealist lyrics take the forefront here, all the more jarring because of Scanlon's vocal effects, oscillating between high and low pitch bends. The music of JOBS simultaneously confronts and amazes listeners. Their music can easily be compared to abstract, cubist painting -- discernible forms and themes exist, but are altered and distorted so much to the point where it becomes an impossible task to divulge specific themes behind the music. Common threads like tabulation, socialization and commerce come about, but are never concretely touched on. Rather we are left to wrestle with fleeting emotions and concepts; opaque, raw and euphoric.