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Jetstream Pony - Grief Of A (Frozen) Sailor 7" Vinyl Single 2020

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'Grief of a (Frozen) Sailor' was written years ago on a winter's afternoon by guitarist Shaun Charman with his then eight year old daughter Nina, who originally sang the song. Jetstream Pony later played it at practices with lyrics tweaked by the band's singer Beth Arzy, and now it finally finds a home on vinyl. Home, where it is safe and warm, so much better than to have to walk through the snow and the cold. Beth's vocals almost disappear in the storm of guitars in the chorus. Jetstream Pony find the inspiration for their sound in the indie scene of the 1980s and early 1990s (think post-punk and shoegaze).

On the B-side of their single they cover a track of the second album of San Francisco's The Aisler Set, 'Hit The Snow'. "