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Janet Jackson The Velvet Rope Double Vinyl LP New 2019

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Cat no. B3025001
Track Listing:

Disc: 1
1. Interlude-Twisted Elegance [Side A]
2. Velvet Rope [Side A]
3. You [Side A]
4. Got 'Til It's Gone [Side A]
5. Interlude- Speaker Phone [Side A]
6. My Need [Side A]
7. Interlude- Fasten Your Seatbelts [Side B]
8. Go Deep [Side B]
9. Free Xone [Side B]
10. Interlude- Memory [Side B]
11. Together Again [Side B]
12. Interlude- Online [Side B]

Disc: 2
1. Empty [Side C]
2. Interlude- Full [Side C]
3. What About [Side C]
4. Every Time [Side C]
5. Tonight's The Night [Side C]
6. I Get Lonely [Side D]
7. Rope Burn [Side D]
8. Anything [Side D]
9. Interlude- Sad [Side D]
10. Special [Side D]
11. Can't Be Stopped (Hidden Track on CD) [Side D]